Manual pick and bunch taperner.

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The manual bundling tool is used to mechanise the bundling operations in the fields. It is ideal for bundles of vegetables or aromatic herbs harvested on market gardens.

Whether you are working outdoors, in a greenhouse or in a workshop, this tool is used to bundle your plants with an elastic strap that is crimped using a small aluminium alloy ring.

Bundling tool without strap return (6A):
The model without strap return is for bundling leafy vegetables so that the operator is not bothered by the strap when removing the bundle from the tool. This model is perfectly suited to crops with lots of foliage.

Bundling tool with strap return (6AR):
The model with strap return is for making bundles of herbs without having to do the "strap return" step. This model is perfectly suited to bundled crops at their stems:

Bundling/balling capacity: 300 to 350 Bundles.

Delivered with 1 spool of strapping and 1 spool of metal strapping


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