Double wheel cart 1 meter

This double-wheel farming barrow in kit form has been specially designed for market gardening use. This handling equipment is designed for loading boxes of plants, crates, harvesting crates, etc.

It is mainly used on vegetable/horticultural farms and more widely for agriculture.
Thanks to its Ø30mm tube frame, it has the rigidity and strength needed for transporting heavy loads. With a load capacity of 150kg, it will come in useful on your farm.

The double wheel frame provides great stability for transporting heavy or bulky loads. The operator does not have to control the right/left swing on uneven terrain.
This wheelbarrow has been developed to transport up to 4 rows of 60x40 cm market gardening crates. It has crossbars with a folded edge to hold the crates firmly in place so that they do not slide, as they would on wheelbarrows with a tube base.
Equipped with a Ø 400 solid wheel, it can easily slip into the most rugged spaces.
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